Food Scarcity

Healthy Soil Biomes increase crop yields where they are needed most.


Healthy soil biomes restore living soils which provide food, dignity and equality to people worldwide. Healthy soil biomes and their benefits are accessible to ALL farmers everywhere.

Johnson-Su bioreactors can be built by any farmer anywhere. This low cost solution brings increased yields to the locations that need more food the most. Respecting the soil as a living community of microorganisms brings new life to human communities. Desert areas can be restored to lush green living communities. The bioreactor products jump start the natural and sustainable soil/microbe/plant/animal diversity that produces abundance even in the poorest areas of the world.

Introducing diverse bacteria and fungi to soil along with always having living roots in the soil produces amazing results. These soils capture and hold more water reducing flooding and soil loss while providing stored moisture for increased plant growth. The microbes provide all of the essential elements needed by plants in a form useful to plants. The diverse community of bacteria/fungi/predators are able to respond quickly to address any imbalance that threatens the plant/soil community.

Similar to how bacteria/fungi provide the foundation for a diverse soil/microbe/plant/predator community, increased yields from farm fields form the foundation for strong and resilient human communities.

Creating healthy soil biomes worldwide will create abundance throughout the world!